Some Frequently Asked Questions And Assumptions Made About Import2eBay, Dispelling The Myths!


(Q) Is it £997 for just a day’s course ?

(A) No it’s £997 for a 12 MONTH training program.

(Q) Ok so what is Import2eBay ?

(A) It’s a 12 month training program for learning how to import from China and sell products on eBay / on-line.

The 12 month package consists of:

  • A 1x day intensive training day course.
  • A 12 month infrastructure package to your own personal account manager in China.
  • A 12 month mentorship package from me and Mr China for on-going support, training and communication.
  • Access to hot product alerts +  the latest systems and software packages, insider industry news and resources…

(Q) So who is Import2eBay for ?

(A) Import2eBay is designed for intermediate / advanced level of business people.  However we have taken on complete novices to people with  established LTD companies on eBay turning 100k +.  We have had people fly in from the USA and Ireland to attend our courses, so our reputation for giving value and helping to build businesses is number 1 in our industry.  

(Q) How many training days do you do each year ?

(A) We only hold ONE training day weekend each year, THAT’S IT.

Remember Mr China lives in China and he flys over especially for the day, quite a commute! Also because of the support package for the 12 month mentoring by Mr China and myself, we are limited in how many students we can take on.

(Q) £997 is a lot of money, is it really a good investment ?

(A) If you’re really serious about starting to import products, selling them on eBay and building a regular income outside of the rat race, then YES. We are going to give you EVERYTHING you need, i.e. all the tools to do the job, by showing you all the strategies, techniques, systems, and software that we both use daily to make our own businesses a success.  Not only that, but with the support package, we are both going to hold your hand for the first 12 months to ensure you get well on your way to becoming a successful and profitable importer / eBay entrepreneur. 

Let’s take Ben Murray from our September 2012 Import2eBay training program as an example, his business is not massive yet, but he’s consistently making £1,200 quid – 2k a month and this is growing (he has not even fully given up his day job just yet). He has been making a similar amount of money for 6 months now. As a ROI (return on investment) I’ll let you do the maths, but somewhere it’s about the 10,000% mark!

He’s now also built up his capital and is flying out to China to start looking at his first container order. 

(Q) Do I need lots of money to get started to buy stock ?

(A) No you can start with a little as £100 importing products from well known China supplying websites. We show you how to effectively do this on the day of the course and we show you other various different business models to get you started on eBay. We also offer you a cheap alternative to importing via sea freight using Mr China’s mixed container service, which allows you to import smaller quantities of products on pallets into the UK. Thus reducing your capital outlay, allowing you to cut out the middle men, making you competitive online and increasing your profit margins! 

(Q) I don’t have any ideas on what to import or sell so where do I start ?

(A) We physically show you lots of products on the day that you can start right away  importing with to double your money.  If you are struggling to find products then we will give you additional training and help in this area.

(Q) Why does the training program cost so much ?

(A) I truly believe that we massively over deliver on value for what we provide when compared to other training programs out there. We are basically give you all our industries secrets and short cuts to making money, where else are you going to be taught this by two guys who practice daily what they preach in their own successful businesses?  

Mr China charges $499 just to subscribe to his companies services,which as a student to our 12 month training program this cost along with his personal mentoring alone and services far out weights the years price of just £997.

To allot you a dedicated account manager in China for 12 months has a cost implication to it. This cost includes your account manager handling all your product sourcing requests, finding the actual factories out from the traders, speaking to factories and suppliers, negotiating prices, arranging factory visits, documentation checking, dealing with oem branding, product design and specifications for you, as well as arranging samples to be produced and sent to you, sending emails and phone calls back and forth to you. They are effectively your own PA in China for 12 months!

Expertise: If you want to learn how to become an electrician you pay to go on a college course. If you want your kids to learn how to swim then you pay for them to be taught by a swimming coach. If you want to learn how to import from china and sell on eBay then you also pay for our years of knowledge and expertise to get you to become and successful importer and online seller, it’s that simple. 

Our time: You also get our time over the 12 months to give you further ongoing support, training, help and advice when needed. Think of us like your personal consultants. Yes this all has a cost implication which we factor in to the price of £997 for the 12 months, as if we are taking time out to advise you we are taking time away from our own busy businesses and schedules. 

(Q) Can I not just do this importing thing myself, you make it look easy enough ?

(A) To quote Vance Miller off the Britt’s get rich in China video ‘I’ve paid my entry fee now, I’m in’. Basically he got shafted, screwed up, scammed, you name it, and it’s only after you go through this, do you really learn the ropes, and what to do! I myself and many of my good pal who import from China and sell on line have also been through this process. The chances are if it’s happened to us it will happen to you and you won’t know what to look out for. Do you really want to chance what you are doing and get had over?

There are many things that myself, Mr China, his company, his staff, and the infrastructure that we both have in place with our business that I doubt you yourself would be able to do.  We have the knowledge and know how of actually running our businesses and on which steps you would need to take first and how to lay out your business in the most efficient and effective way. Like with anything new it all takes time, and we can cut this time wasting factor out of the equation for you and help you bi-pass any costly mistakes.

Going it alone Vs Mr China.

1) You won’t be able to get pricing like what he can get. Mr China’s staff are trained negotiators doing the job day in day out, they know how to communicate and do business in China as opposed to just some westerner with an internet connection and Google translate on the other side of the globe! His company is one of the biggest export companies in China and deals with thousands of factories on a daily basis. I mean how serious are suppliers going to take you against Mr China and his company?

2) Sourcing from the internet only is often impossible to tell if you’re dealing with traders dressed up to look like a factory. Mr China and your dedicated account manager will be able to sort the fakers out from the actual makers!

3) Sourcing is often like doing a jigsaw puzzle, just from looking online, you can’t really tell which factory has 5000 workers, a Shenzhen listed company, or which factory has 10 rice pickers that’s just opened a shop last year. Mr China is based in Shanghai and his staff can be deployed at any time to go and visit your proposed factory.

4) Do you know how and where to check if relevant certificates are real, both the products and for the factories. Would you know how to check the legitimacy of a factory and credit check them? All which is done by Mr China before any orders are place on your behalf.

5) The majority of his staff have been working in sourcing for 13 years, as I’m sure you know experience is quite a useful thing, unless you have the same sort of experience, I really don’t think that you’ll be able to beat what Mr China’s service any time soon!

Example: Ben Murray from last year’s Import2eBay training program found a product on eBay that was selling well. He went on all the usually China suppliers websites and found two suppliers of the product. Both were trader’s i.e. middle men! My agent, Mr China found the direct manufacture for the product who weren’t advertised on the likes of Alibaba etc, which Ben would have never of found as he doesn’t read Chinese, or know any of the other specialist methods for sourcing products in China.

(Q) I have already got an eBay account and I have sold stuff on there, so I guess I already know it all ?

(A) Remember my favourite saying, “Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups” If you already know it all then you wouldn’t be here looking at this web site as you would be to busy doing what we are already doing!

Also eBay has evolved and still is evolving every year, not many people know how to get an eBay listing to the first page of a category or key word search. A little like Google SEO there is eBay SEO, and you have got to know and understand how to align your listings to eBay’s “Best Match” algorithm. There are also a number of other strategies and techniques that the top level sellers like myself use  in order to stay on stop and keep the competition at bay.

You need to have an understanding for the psychology of eBay buyers and what factors trigger them in to purchasing. Then there is deign and marketing, building confidence in your prospect to buy from you and not one of your competitors, and NO it doesn’t always come down to price. In fact i’m the probably highest priced seller in the majority of my niches and i still make  more money from these products than any of my competitors do because i understand how to market and how to implement it effectively in my listings.

I also know how to split test and maximize key wording on my listing titles and what other factors contribute to this to help boost your listing in becoming more search able, thus increasing sales. To cut it short you are basically getting over 8 years of my knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work to make you stay on top  and become a platinum power seller like myself.

(Q) How are previous training day students doing ?

(A) What you have got to remember is that everyone’s circumstances are different when they come on one of our courses, i.e. capital to invest, time to be able to commit in researching, other business or family commitments and constraints, full or part time jobs, storage and logistics capabilities etc.

In general we have a 95% success rate for previous students either setting up or continuing to running part time or full time import / eBay business.

There are of course always A* students and we current have three of them who have gone from literately ZERO to importing their first containers from China.

Below is one of them called Ben….

Case Example: Ben from our first ever training day / course.

Ben Now: Coming out to China to check up on his first container order and to visit a factory
for a new eBay product line he has found.

If you have any other questions which have not been answered above, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.