IMPORT2EBAY – Is an annual 1x day advanced / intensive training day course on eBay & Importing. (Please see further down this website page for details on what topics are covered on the course) The course is specifically designed to give you all the tools, resources, systems, tips, tricks, strategies and information to enable you to successfully set up a business importing from China and selling on eBay. As part of the course we give you the following 12 month infrastructure and support package:

  • 12 months FREE subscription to Mr China’s researching, sourcing & quoting services in China
  • 12 months FREE access to your own, dedicated account manager in China to deal with all your personal import enquiries & requests
  • 12 months FREE user log-in subscription to Mr China’s HOT product alerts
  • My personal mobile number along with Mr China’s for you to call upon should you ever need anything urgent answering for the whole of the 12 month program.
  • 1Hr quarterly scheduled Skype/Webinar conference calls through the course of the 12 months for further training updates, & support if requested.
  • A review of your eBay Id with a 12 month succession plan of action for you to take, instructed via Skype or eMail.
  • Life time access to a private closed Facebook group / community for like minded eBay sellers & previous students.

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You are choosing to book your 1 day advance / intensive training day course which is part of  your 12 month after care support program on eBay & importing. Our next training day / 12 month program will  start on ***** the of ***** 2015.  Please click on the BOOK NOW link below to make payment for your 12 month training program:




A £250 non-refundable PayPal deposit WILL reserve your SEAT out of the 10 places available, the balance of £747 will be payable before the **/**/2015.  A balance invoice will be provided to you after you have made your initial deposit payment.

PAYPAL Deposit Payment – Sold out until further notice!

  • 12 months FREE subscription to Mr China’s researching, sourcing & quoting services in China
  • 12 months FREE access to your own, dedicated account manager in China to deal with all your personal import enquiries & requests
  • 12 months FREE user log-in subscription to Mr China’s HOT product alerts
  • My personal mobile number along with Mr China’s for you to call upon should you ever need anything urgent answering.
  • 1Hr quarterly scheduled Skype/Webinar conference calls through the course of the 12 months for further training updates, & support if requested.
  • A review of your eBay Id with a 12 month succession plan of action for you to take, instructed via Skype or eMail.
  • Access to a private closed Facebook group / community for like minded eBay sellers.


Do you want to import products cheaply from China at ROCK BOTTOM prices and sell on eBay for maximum dollar? Would you like to discover ALL the secrets of how to import from China, and make huge profits selling on eBay?

Introducing the eBay King and Mr China!

Join us for our exclusive 1 day seminar hosted by the ‘eBay King’ & ‘Mr China’, spend a day being taught by these two leading industry expects.

For those of you who don’t know much about the eBay King, here’s a brief history about him…

The eBay King – Director of his own eBay businesses, he will supply you with the tips and the insight that will help you realise your ambition, and make you stop saying and start doing!

  • Born: Blackpool UK
  • Lives In: Manchester UK
  • Career: Been selling on eBay since 2005, has developed product brands and consulted for some of the largest named eBay shop retailers there are
  • Interesting Fact: Was the first ever seller of mini motos on
  • Current Position: Self employed, living the dream, runs 6 different power seller accounts on eBay turning over £1.8m pounds a year, and yes, I’m making a decent margin on that!

For confidentiality and reasons explained later on in this website, we cannot reveal ‘Mr China’s’ full name and info to everyone. We will only be telling paying customers, as this guy is in massive demand.

What we can tell you for now is…

Mr China – He will provide you with everything you need to deal with China simply and efficiently, and will give you the benefit of his own, personal experiences.

  • Born: West Midlands, grew up in Chesterfield
  • Lives In: Shanghai China, after a couple of years backpacking, ended up in China and has lived there since 2004
  • Career: A true entrepreneur, established & created what is now the largest import service company out there
  • Current position: The Managing Director of his own import/export company that turns over $8,000,000
  • Interesting Fact: Probably the only person from Chesterfield who speaks fluent Chinese!

So, how do these guys know each other, and why are they doing a training day together?

Well, its pretty simple really. Back in 2006 ‘Mr China & The eBay King’ started doing business together. Mr China would source product at rock bottom prices in China, import the product and the eBay King would do what he does best, and flog it on eBay!

Over the years, both these two young fellas (being good at what they did) grew and grew. Lewis, ‘The eBay King’ started to go over to China to look at products, and do business in China. Over a few beers the two of them loved nothing more than telling each other (and themselves) how bloody good they were at what they did, and that if only others knew what they knew between them, ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN AND A BIT OF GET UP AND GO could also make a KILLING BY SELLING IMPORTED GOODS ON EBAY!

So, after Lewis’s last trip, the two of them decided that they were going to sit down and work out what someone with no prior knowledge would need to know. Why did the two of them want to do this? Well, its quite simple. There are very few people who are experts at everything. Importing products and selling on eBay are 2 totally different business. If you want to be successful, you need to know how to do both, and as both the eBay King and Mr China had seen so much CRAP being sold, taught and plastered on the internet, we decided it was time someone came up with a real offering for educating people how to make money selling cheap imports online.

The final reason is pretty straight forward really. Both ‘The eBay King’ & ‘Mr China’ are exactly what they say they are. They are, arguably the leading experts in their respective fields at doing what they do!

Let’s put it another way…

If you want to become the world’s best investor, go sit down with Warren Buffet for a day!

If you want to beat all your mates at golf, go hire Tiger Woods to coach you for a day!

If you want to sell newspapers for a living, hire Rupert Murdoch to tell you how to do it!


Why eBay? eBay is the UK’s largest online marketplace, boasting more than ten million customers and three million items for sale at any given time. The site has 170 million users worldwide, who are bidding on a vast array of goods and services, which range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and cover all imaginable concepts inbetween. In the UK, 10,000 businesses exist under the eBay umbrella.

Why an eBay business ?

  • The market and traffic is already there with visitors coming to eBay each month to buy a vast range of goods
  • Shops / stores on eBay can be setup in a matter of hours
  • Start up costs & selling fees are low, and eBay won’t charge you until your first month of trading is complete
  • Payments are received quickly and securely via PayPal, so there’s no need to apply to Visa etc to take credit cards
  • Sales and performance of your store can be easily monitored and tracked
  • Promotions / marketing campaigns can be set up and used easily from your eBay account
  • No special computer skills or website required to sell
  • You can start to make money on eBay in your first week, which is great for cash flow
  • No special traffic generation software or skills required, unlike other businesses.

Many auction internet companies have come and gone, with some failing within their first year. Others, like eBay, manage to stay around for years, producing large amounts of revenue and attracting many loyal customers.

One of the main reasons eBay has been around as long as it has is because of its marketing strategy. They have implemented a series of television and radio commercials that are fun and creative, making consumers more interested in the company and its services. Also, eBay offers people the ability to purchase items they want or need often at prices lower than retail value.

Everyone knows that buying things at auction can bag you a bargain, with an item retailing at £150, being sold for just £50. That idea alone is very enticing. After all, who seriously does not want to save money. In addition by offering secured payment methods like PayPal, companies are able to secure even the more skeptical of consumers.

EBAY has expanded into other markets as well, which has more than quadrupled there client base. Some of the markets they have expanded into are China, India, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan. EBAY remains one of the top auction sites, even with rising competitors like Amazon, Yahoo, and Their recent acquisitions of other markets helped to more than guarantee their survival for years to come.

In my mind there is no better online auction site than eBay to run a business from that’s established, safe, expanding and which gives you all the tools to do the job with virtually zero overheads.

The Jerry McGuire Effect Of The eBay Industry

This training day event has come about from what can only be described as the “Jerry McGuire” effect on the industry. For too long now, people have been failing at eBay because they have not be shown or taught the correct way to do business on the auction site.  This is not helped by the sheer number of (fake) people claiming to be eBay gurus, who just turn out to be Internet Marketers. These so called gurus only have an interest in selling you some basic out of date course on eBay, and who don’t actually physically sell on eBay themselves, or have a clue about how it works.  When you read the eBay King’s, personal journey and profile, later on in this web site, you will discover some shocking revelations.

These revelations have made it the eBay King’s mission to hold an event that is going to be like no other! Giving you the tools, infrastructure and resources that he uses daily to make a successful, full-time living from eBay. You will be shown every aspect of how his eBay operation is run in detail and he will introduce you to his China agent. Who has been a (fundamental) part to his eBay success.

Mr China’s Anonymity

Hi, this is Lewis and pictured below is my import agent, Mr China, who’s identity we have chosen not to reveal on this website.

This is for two reasons. The first being that Mr China has been a closely guarded secret for over 4 years. If it wasn’t for him and his company then I can honestly say I would not be the King of eBay, and I certainly wouldn’t be generating the amount of sales on eBay that I am doing right now, or living the lifestyle I am today.

For this reason, he is my second biggest ASSET. He provided the infrastructure that my eBay business so greatly needed, along with the services & support to import from China safely. This in turn gave me that competitive edge to out price the competition on eBay and gain me long-term profitable success!

The VALUE which I believe Mr China offers, and which you will agree with when you read the rest of this website, is truly PRICELESS!

Hence why we have decided to keep his identity a secret, and make him EXCLUSIVE to only those who are willing to help themselves by making a commitment & investment in attending our training day.

The limited course attendees will be given FULL access to Mr China and his paid membership services for FREE. Not to mention being able to personally meet him and learn from his import training on the day.  You will be given his one on one personal support & mentoring there and after the event.

The second reason for the non-disclosure of his identity is due to fact that he is very busy. His availability is therefore focussed on growing and servicing existing clients’ businesses like mine, as well as consulting for many large corporations around the world.

Thus, he doesn’t want every wannabe eBayer “AKA Tyre Kickers” in the land bombarding his company with email requests. Hence why we feel the need for a little anonymity on this website!

IMPORT 2 EBAY – It’s The Future I’ve Tasted It!

Ok so why Import 2 eBay? why not “Drop-Shipping to eBay” or “Wholesaling to eBay” ?

Well the fact of the matter is, if you want to be competitive on eBay and be successful, you have to learn to CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MEN, simples!

Wholesalers and drop-shipping companies are all middle men, adding their own profit margins on top of the product price.

With the knowledge and training that we are going to teach you at our Import 2 eBay event, you are going to learn how to cut out the middle men by importing directly from manufacturers. In turn, learn how this will dramatically increase your profit margins on eBay.

There are many drop-shipping companies on the internet, and by using them you will never compete on price on eBay. You will only come up against seasoned eBayers, like myself, who import direct from China! A whole section dedicated just on drop-shipping companies, could be written outlining the pitfalls. There may be some honest and decent ones out there, but the internet is plagued with the scammers and their flash websites promising you the earth but which will deliver you nothing! So why run the risk?

From my own experience when I was naive back in my early days on eBay, I found out that when you had signed up to their flash web sites promising you of fast eBay riches, only to discover that their stock prices were never that competitive for the eBay market place. Also, I lost track of the times I sent drop-shipping companies my orders,  only to be told the item was not in stock, despite their web site saying that it was!!

Another headache are the delays in these companies sending your item out to your customer. That’s if they didn’t send them the wrong item out in the first place! What is worse is that if your customer’s item gets lost in the post, which does happen from time to time, you would be left in a third party chain for communicating these problems to your customer. The customer naturally gets fed up with the whole fiasco, you get the blame and the detrimental feedback comment 🙁

As you can see, I am not a fan of drop-shipping. The companies, or scammers, who market these web sites make it all look so easy and effortless to an eBay newbie, and they will always grab their attention and their wallets in kidding them into a “get rich quick” eBay business.

To add, If you were still thinking of going down the drop-shipping route, just to point out for those newbies, drop-shipping is in fact illegal on eBay!  eBay states that all “stock needs to be owned and in the possession of the seller” !

So in our view, and from personal eBay success, you want to give yourself the best possible starting point in making your eBay business a long term success, then you need to IMPORT 2 EBAY!

What You Are Going To Learn On The Day… 

Hi this is Lewis, below is a brief outline as to what will be discussed on the day, amongst many other topics that I will be explaining about within these categories:

Funding: I’m going to show you how to raise capital quickly if needed to fund your new eBay / Import business. Setting Up: One of the most over looked aspects to eBay, is not setting your stall out correctly. I’m going to show you how to set up multiple eBay accounts and why. As well as showing you how to  get your self back on eBay if you have been previously suspended! eBay Business Models: I’m going to talk about the 3 main different eBay business models and in detail show you the pros and cons to all three.  Finding Profitable Products: I’ll reveal my proven techniques of how to research and find the most profitable products to sell on eBay. I am going to show you in detail the software and systems that I personally use daily to find the hottest and fastest selling items on eBay that can make serious wonga! Packaging & Delivery: Learn where to source the cheapest packaging materials from, and learn about the different courier systems out there, as both of these aspects can make the difference in you either making a profit or a loss on eBay. Feedback & DSR: Learn my strategies and techniques to influence the feedback system in order to have negative feedback comments removed and keep you DSR ratings high. Storage & Distribution: You are going to learn all my secrets of storage and the legal way to avoid paying rates or vat to keep your overheads down! Listings & Marketing: The easiest and the best ways to market yourself both on a budget and at a high end. Trade Fairs & Shows: I am going to give you details of all the trade fairs that I attend, and show you the importance of how to make contacts on eBay and the best way to approach suppliers at the fairs. Analysing Listings & Competitors: How to find out what they’re doing wrong & doing right, the difference between a fantastic eBay listing and a bad one, and why some sellers make big money and some make none… selling the same item! Killer Strategies: I am going to reveal how to dominate any eBay category niche and how to quickly get your products listings to the top of the first page for any key word title search on eBay. What To Sell & What NOT To Sell: Save £’000’s by eliminating the chances of making costly timing mistakes by discovering the exact times of the day to sell your products so you’ll make even more money. How To Maximize Your eBay Listings Using Social Media: Discover all the tricks of the trade, how to market your product, and drive traffic to your listings. How To Effectively Use China SuppliersHow to communicate with factories and supplier in China via the likes of Alibaba.

Hi this is Mr China, in this course you’re going to learn the following from me:

Section 1 -Introduction to myself, my company, and my services.

  • What can you import from China, can anyone do it?
  • Why China is the world factory and why in my opinion it will stay that way for a very long time to come.

Section 2 – The basic mechanics of importing from China.
  • Who can import and what do you need?
  • Customs, tax, duty, documents, – ill teach you everything you need to know to import/export from any country in the world. Its actually very simple!
Section 3 – Importing from China in theory and reality! Things you need to understand for success!
  • Dealing with Chinese manufacturers, the do’s & don’ts!
  • Taking the right steps so you don’t trip up
  • The two biggest mistakes that I see ‘experienced importers’ make and how to avoid them
Section 4 – Products.
  • What sort of products you should be importing
  • Even more important – what sort of products you should not import!
Section 5 – My top  tips for success.
  • Having had a birds eye view of hundreds of business around the world that import, ill tell you exactly what steps I would take if I were you and starting up an import business and scale it up!
Other Topics Talked About –
  • Sourcing products from China
  • Learn how you can save up to 50% on shipping costs
  • Discover the two biggest mistakes with samples and how to handle them
  • One thing every importer SHOULD do before they start importing
  • Purchasing & Negotiating
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Custom, Tax & Duty
  • Factory Tours
  • China Trade Fairs & Wholesale Markets
Everything You Need To Know: How to get product from the factory floor in China, to your door. Removing The Risks Of importing: How to completely eliminate ALL the common risks of importing from China – verifying real manufactures from rouge traders, ensuring quality control before your goods are shipped plus all the common pit falls, and how to make sure you don’t get stung! The Right Products To Import: Learn how to find the right products to import from China and sell on eBay.


As part of the training on the day & included in the attendance fee, you will also receive the following 12 month aftercare support package:
  • 12 months FREE subscription to Mr China’s researching, sourcing & quoting services in China
  • 12 months FREE access to your own, dedicated account manager in China to deal with all your personal import enquiries & requests
  • 12 months FREE user log-in subscription to Mr China’s HOT product alerts
  • My personal mobile number along with Mr China’s for you to call upon should you ever need anything
  • Quarterly scheduled Skype/Webinar conference calls through the course of 12 months for further training & updates if requested
  • A review of your eBay Id with a 12 month succession plan of action for you to take via Skype or eMail
  • Access to a private closed Facebook group / community for like minded eBay sellers.
Training Day Details… 

We are both really excited about holding this event. This is going to be an EPIC training day, and life-changing for those who take action!  We have booked the executive Portico room at Manchester Airport’s Hilton Hotel.


  • Event Ticket Organizer: Eventbrite
  • Event Name: Import 2 Ebay
  • Location: UK Hilton Hotel – (Manchester Airport)
  • Period: 1x Full Day Event
  • Date:  ** / ** 2017
  • Time: Start 9am – End 7:30pm

For all booked / paid attendees on our IMPORT 2 EBAY training day, there is also FREE car parking, FREE WIFI, FREE coffees & snacks throughout the day, and a FREE 2 course lunch provided!


  • 09h00: Arrival / Registration / Set-Up Of Laptops etc
  • 09h15: A Quick Introduction To Myself & Mr China
  • 09h30: eBay Training
  • 11h00: Coffee Break
  • 11h15: eBay Training
  • 12h30: Lunch
  • 13h30: eBay Training
  • 14hr30 Import Training
  • 15h30: Coffee Break
  • 15h45: Import Training
  • 18h45: Summary & Questions
  • 19h30: End
  • Drinks at the bar!

*Make sure you bring your laptops, note pads and pens as its going to be a full on and intense training day!

If there is anyone wishing to stay over at the Hotel or want to make their own prior arrangements for the day then you can contact the Hilton Hotel – Manchester Airport on:  0161 435 3000 or visit








The Hilton Hotel, Manchester Airport, Outwood Lane, Manchester, M90 4WP.

Who Is Mr China?…

Hi I’m Mr China,…

and I run my own export company in Shanghai.

I am an English bloke born and bred (from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK) and I have been living in Shanghai for the past seven years. In 2005 I started Importing & Export, a company which now allows you to import products direct from China with no prior experience or knowledge. To date I have helped over 900 businesses and individuals import from China.

I HAVE A SIMPLE MISSION: Make it easy for small businesses and traders to buy cheap products from China.

The company started off exporting mini motos/pocket bikes. However, since then we have moved into a wide range of products and exported just about everything you can imagine, from DVD players, slushie machines, computer components, garden furniture, jewellery, car accessories, alloy wheels, bathroom suites, kitchen appliances, MP3 players, dog nappies, pool tables, clothing, beds and mattresses, hair clippers, tool box’s, digital photo frames and not forgetting of course kitchen sinks!

Don’t let this small list deceive you. If it’s made in China, we can source it for you. So if you are wondering – “can they do the product I want” – the answer is yes we probably can.

Why Do So Many eBay Traders Use My Company? Well Here’s What Some Of Them Had To Say;


“[BLANKED – “Mr China”] and his team are incredibly helpful. They’ve been a huge lifesaver for my business! I started out only doing small mixed container loads and now I’m ordering full containers. They deal with every little detail of the importing process. Now I have more time to run my business instead of trying to communicate with Chinese suppliers! Huge help, I definitely recommend using them! Sourcing and importing products from China is a complicated task, so I’m very grateful to have professionals doing it for me. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Cheryl Anderson, My Simple Savers, Sydney, Australia


“Like most people I was skeptical and concerned about handing over hard earned money. So I went to China to check out the quality of the goods and to meet [BLANKED – “Mr China”] and his team. It was a great experience and I was immediately put at ease. Trying to buy from China on your own is difficult and risky. Knowing that one Chinese company is doing business with another Chinese company, safeguards you and your goods, should there be a problem. I wouldn’t have bought anything from China if I hadn’t come across [BLANKED – “Mr China”] and I would  be paying double prices for the same goods here in the UK.” 

Nick Young, Paisley Mobility Products, UK


“When we first started on our “china experiment”, as we call it, we knew right away it would be naive to think we could do it all ourselves.  [BLANKED – “Mr China”] was quick to respond to our needs and guided us through the minefield of sourcing and negotiating from the other side of the world.  When we visited Shanghai we were met at the airport – chauffeured and taken care of wonderfully for our entire trip.  We learnt, and continue to learn, so much from [BLANKED – “Mr China”and his team.  Our account manager is fantastic and we would never have been able to achieve what we have thus far without her help.  We think it’s imperative to have an agent like [BLANKED – “Mr China”] on your side – the language and cultural barriers alone demand an on the ground Chinese speaking agent not to mention the logistics of it all. [BLANKED – “Mr China”] and his team do a brilliant job and truly earn every cent of their fees.”

Kellie Simkin & Lisa Pollock, Lisa Pollock Designs, Gold Coast, Australia

Why Use My Company’s Services?
My company provides three important advantages:
  • GET YOU STARTED RIGHT AWAY – Many people dream about importing, but never actually do it because of all the hard work involved. We do all of the hard work for you.
  • YOU’RE PROTECTED FROM MAKING EXPENSIVE MISTAKES – Importing from China is a complete minefield and you’d be foolish to go into this without learning a lot yourself or having an experienced team on the ground to help you.
  • YOU SAVE HUGE AMOUNTS OF TIME – It’s very time consuming sourcing products, working with shipping companies and trying to work with Chinese suppliers. I take a huge weight off your shoulders, giving you more time freedom to search for niche markets, and to market your products to your customers – not having to deal with overseas trade problems will make your life stress free!

While sourcing products from China may sound easy enough, there’s a mind boggling array of problems which confront new importers…

  • It’s difficult to assess the quality of the suppliers you are intending to do business with if you’re not on the ground in China.
  • It’s not uncommon to get stung with shoddy products or poor quality packaging.
  • Outright frauds are very common – where phoney suppliers, with nothing real to sell – scam you out of your money.

Not only this, communication breakdowns are common because of language and cultural barriers. As China expert, James McGregor, said The expectation in Chinese business dealings is to be cheated.

It’s because of the genuine difficulties that many westerners faced that my company grew rapidly from just one staff member and zero customers in 2005 to 945 members and 13 staff members today. We’re now registered in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, USA and China.

How Does My Import Service Work?

Well it’s very simple.

You tell us the products you would like to import, and your account manager will go out and find qualified suppliers for you. For example, you tell us you would like 100 dog beds in colour blue made from X material.

We will do all the hard work finding qualified suppliers and then send you a landed price quote. This landed price quote is the entire cost to get the products made in China and then shipped from China to your door. It includes EVERYTHING you will need to pay: freight, insurance, customs duties, taxes, quarantine, permits, our 3-10% commission and any other associated costs. A breakdown will be provided so you can see just where your money has been spent.

This means you know exactly how much it will cost to import the products. You can test whether it’s worthwhile importing from China or not – without spending large amounts of money.

Now, Here’s The Best Part Of My Company’s Service

If you want to go ahead with the order, we will do EVERYTHING for you.

We’ll arrange the purchasing of the goods, the quality control, and then everything involved getting goods delivered halfway across the world and to your door.

Door To Door Export – Import Service

Between our employees and myself we have over 20 years experience in exporting and importing from China. We can provide a range of services depending on the nature of your exports. We can export FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) to most major ports in the world, using China Shipping or other major shipping lines. We arrange the entire process from exporting your goods from China to delivering to your door.

Product Sourcing & Factory Verification

  • How do you choose a capable manufacturer from the thousands often available?
  • Perhaps you’re not sure who to trust or where to start?
  • Maybe you’re just fed up dealing with middlemen on sites like Alibaba & Global Sources? (or have been ripped off by the many fraudsters which proliferate here)!
  • Do you need a product custom made in China?
  • Is this a quality factory?
  • Did they produce goods of a decent standard?
  • How reliable are they?
  • What are their prices like?

 These are questions I answer. I aim to help you whatever your sourcing request.

In China, you can find suppliers of almost everything imaginable. YET FINDING THE RIGHT SUPPLIER IS NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS.

Not only are there thousands of suppliers to choose from – you must background check these suppliers, then determine if they are trading companies, manufacturers – or even real at all.

And once the supplier is verified, you must assess each factory’s pricing, lead times, product quality and prior track record.

Not only is this a large amount of work, but you’ll soon discover cultural and language barriers can leave you scratching your head – at times tearing your hair out!

It is one thing to source a product and get a price. It’s another to source a product from a reputable manufacturer, with genuine experience, that provides all the relevant certifications, and getting them to understand your EXACT requirements.

Me and my team have the experience and local understanding to eliminate any guesswork from this process. This leaves you free to focus on running your business, putting your time to meaningful use,  not taken up by international trade problems.

“IMPORTING FROM [BLANKED] HAS NOT ONLY HELPED ME SURVIVE IT’S ALSO OPENED MY EYES TO OTHER MARKETS” [BLANKED – “Mr China”] for the last two years of our trading have at all times delivered quality gym equipment at the right price and on schedule.

When I received the shipment for the very first delivery, I was relieved and extremely satisfied with the overall service. The constant contact and updates were very reassuring, especially when you part with your money before you receive your purchase.

The service has remained the same for the last 8 transactions long may it continue! Over the last two years my business in the building trade has rapidly declined. Importing from [BLANKED – “Mr China”] has not only helped me to survive it’s also opened my eyes to other markets.”

Paul Woodham, Leeds, UK

The Only Type of Quote Which Matters – The Landed Quote

Once we have sourced your product, the next thing you need is a quote. Now, it’s one thing getting an FOB price (the cost of the goods in China) or China price but what you really want to know, is how much is that product going to cost you by the time it lands at your doorstep?

With my company, once we have sourced a product for you, just tell us what quantity you think you would like to order, and we’ll then calculate a LANDED PRICE for you. This gives you a breakdown of all the shipping, handling & delivery costs and import taxes & duties. This means you know EXACTLY what your orders going to cost you before you’ve even placed the order!

Placing an order this couldn’t be easier. You’ll get an invoice from my company for your goods, and we will handle everything from there. We’ll verify the manufacturer, arrange all the sales and purchasing contracts, so you don’t have to. You don’t need to worry about ‘is it a real factory, or are they fraudsters’. At my company we have completely removed that risk from dealing with China!


“When we travelled to Shanghai to meet with [BLANKED – “Mr China”] and conduct a quality control trip, [BLANKED – “Mr China”] and Jin greeted us personally at the airport and took us to our hotel. During our stay [BLANKED – “Mr China”] was extremely accommodating, working round the clock to meet all of our requirements. By the end of the week, we had secured contracts with our current manufacturers, and production of samples were underway. Very impressive work on their part, and we would certainly recommend [BLANKED – “Mr China”] to any start-up or established company.

Working with [BLANKED – “Mr China”] has allowed us to focus on progressing our business in the UK without having to constantly check on our manufacturers. They take care of all shipping requirements taking the hassle out of importing. It is like working with a company in the UK”

Andrew Hayworth, Managing Director, Stay-Dri Limited – Edinburgh, Scotland

Purchasing, Negotiating & Sales Contracts

It’s imperative that you negotiate well, and purchase at the right price. You must also remember how important the sales contract is in future negotiations.

The purchasing and negotiating process can be long winded. However, if you know your stuff, (material prices, manufacturing costs, tax back policies in China) then the whole process can be done much more effectively.

Put in simple terms, if you get to speak with the right person at a factory and they recognise you know what you’re talking about, the is much faster and you can achieve significantly better results.

At my company, our team of account managers have years of experience doing just this. Essentially, we become your office, your staff, your eyes and ears in China. This means you can (if you want to) leave all time consuming details to a team of experts leaving you with more time to focus on your primary business.

Senior Account Manager, Morin Xiao,…

negotiating on behalf of a customer during a textile factory tour. One of the benefits of using my company is your Account Manager acts as an interpreter – not just a translator. This is important because an interpreter gives the meaning behind the words – not just a direct translation of the words alone.

Why You MUST Have a Sales Contract

When you place an order with a factory, you simply must have a contract. If there’s a problem with your order, getting the factory to take responsibility is impossible without a contract. My company creates all the sales contracts on your behalf – ensuring those with real authority are signing off on them. As a Chinese registered business, Chinese manufactures tend to abide to our contracts more than they would if it were with an overseas company, as our contracts are valid under Chinese law. If a factory knows you have zero presence in China, you’ll be ignored should something go wrong.

Being on the ground in China, Chinese factories treat my company differently from the beginning. Why? Because they know we will turn up on their doorstep, waving our contract about if necessary. They know we will hold them accountable, something many importers fail to do.

A well written contract is an absolute necessity. It offers you strong bargaining position, and holds the factory accountable to the standards you have set. If you do not have a solid contract and problems occur – you can guarantee the factory are going to deflect blame.

“THE QUALITY WAS SUPERB. EVERY BIT OF FEEDBACK MENTIONED THE QUALITY OF THE GOODS” “I was worried that when the goods came, the quality wouldn’t be up to scratch. Such worries were unfounded. The quality was superb. We started from scratch and we sold all of our products in 7 weeks with a mark up of around 50-60%. We have 100% feedback on Ebay and we got Top Rated Seller status in 11 weeks. Every bit of feedback mentioned the quality of the goods and the value. Without [BLANKED – “Mr China”] we would still be scratching our heads. With [BLANKED – “Mr China”] we now have a profitable business that will only grow.”

John Huntington, Homes For Pets, UK

Quality Control – an Absolute MUST!

Buying from China isn’t like ordering from your local supplier. The quality of the goods isn’t guaranteed. However, if you take the right steps, you can save a fortune buying from China – without compromising on product quality. Most importers fail to take the necessary steps to protect themselves, which is what my company does for you.

Members of my team during a quality control inspection.

In real estate they say location, location, location. When importing from China we say: quality control, quality control, quality control.

The biggest mistake you can make when buying from China is not arranging appropriate quality control. For many reasons, Chinese manufactures can ‘screw up’ orders. The reasons might astound you:-

Maybe it’s the first time they actually made this product. Why not? They advertised it and you gave them an order! Or, maybe they have someone else’s rejected stock lying around and they want to palm this off on to you! I’ve even seen factories make a product and they had no idea what it was used for! Sounds silly right? Well did you hear the story about the soap factory that made bottles of hand soap? None of the pump tops worked, but no one thought it mattered because you could just unscrew the top to get the soap out!

For all these reasons and so many more Quality Control is an absolutely essential part of the process if you’re importing from China.

For example, it’s not uncommon for factories to PURPOSELY manipulate the product quality in order to save material costs, and improve their own margin. That is, they substitute cheaper materials, or put in less of a specific raw material to save THEM money – at YOUR expense.


My company offers verification and quality control solutions to suit your specific needs. Our range of Quality Control Inspectors, are based in every province in China, and can be at any factory in China within 24 hours. This way, if there are any problems, we can sort them out before your goods are shipped!

Shipping & Logistics – Save up to 50% if importing (LCL) “Less than a Container Load”

Maybe you need to order goods from multiple factories in China? Or perhaps you’d like to use our one-of-a-kind mixed container service? Regardless of whether you’re looking to import two pallet loads, or 200 containers, we’ll give you the most cost effective way, to transport goods from China to your door.

Here are two of my company’s 20ft mixed containers.

They contain 28 cubic metres of space and cost £65.00 all in per cubic metre to Felixstowe in the UK. They depart from China once a month for smaller customer orders. This allows you to import at the same cost as if you were importing a full container yourself, and allowing you to compete with larger players on freight prices.

* “All in includes everything to transport an FOB Shanghai shipment to our warehouses in major capital cities. Customs clearance, port & handling, trucking from port, quarantine fees etc.

My company works in conjunction with several major shipping lines, including China Shipping, Mersk, NKY and more. We always ensure that we are get the best freight rates in the market, so you don’t need to spend more of your time looking around for the best solution or hunting round for the best shipping deal out there, because we’ll give it to you!

Whether you’re importing a full container, or a part container load, we manage the whole process from China to your door. You don’t need to worry about paperwork, or how customs tax, duty and quarantine works! We handle all parts of the customs clearance process. Not only that, but once your order has cleared customs, we’ll even arrange delivery to your door!

Account Managers, Louis Lui and Morin Xiao, inspecting orders in my warehouse before they are shipped out. This is done for free for every one of my customers.

Why the Mixed Containers Could Save You Up to 50%

What’s more, anyone looking to import part container loads, our unique mixed container service is quite simply THE CHEAPEST way to import.

The Cheapest Way To Import From China, – MIXED CONTAINER SERVICES!

So How Does It Work?

We consolidate orders from our small members into one full container. When the container arrives, we then unpack this container and distribute it from a central warehouse. This means you then get charged the same rate per cubic meter as someone who was importing a full container by themselves. Thus allowing smaller businesses to compete on the same terms as much larger players!

Insurance For Free Amazingly, many importers fail to acquire marine cargo insurance. So if something happens to your goods during shipping – you are not protected.

All my customers are automatically covered by one large insurance policy which covers millions and millions of dollars worth of shipping. Insurance can often cost you up 1-2% of the value of your order, so the savings can be significant.

Wouldn’t You Like Someone Else to Fill in All the Customs, Tax and Duty Paperwork?

Many people are put off importing by the minefield of customs clearance, tax, duty, and commodity codes. As a customer, we arrange for your goods to be cleared through customs and handle all paperwork on your behalf. We take care of all tax and duty, and handle the whole lot in the most cost effective way. In short, as a customer  you don’t have to worry about this any more.

“I STARTED OUT DOING SMALL MIXED CONTAINER LOADS AND NOW I’M ORDERING FULL CONTAINERS”[BLANKED – “Mr China”] is incredibly helpful. They’ve been a huge lifesaver for my business! I started out only doing small mixed container loads and now I’m ordering full containers. They deal with every little detail of the importing process. Now I have more time to run my business instead of trying to communicate with Chinese suppliers! Huge help, I definitely recommend using them! Sourcing and importing products from China is a complicated task so I’m very grateful to have professionals doing it for me. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Cheryl Anderson, My Simple Savers, Sydney, Australia

See You At Our Event!

So as you can see, if you want to import from China with out any of the hassle involved, then I offer you a one-stop-shop to take care of everything for you, leaving you with the time freedom to do other things.

I look forward to meeting, and helping those who are serious about creating a profitable import business at our training event, and wish you every success in the future.



Mr China 😉

Who Is The eBay King?… 

Hi I’m Lewis Wade,

I would describe myself as an eBay Entrepreneur. I have been around on eBay for a number of years, and believe me, its not been an easy journey.

Mission: To help others who want to help themselves in creating a business on eBay.

Favourite Quote: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” – Zig Ziglar.

and “Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups”  – Lewis Wade. 😉

I have been trading on eBay for around 9 years now, I have witnessed and experienced many changes and challenges along the way. I have personally had moments of sheer despair and failure on eBay, to vast triumphs of success, with my eBay business grossing over £1.8million in sales a year.

Having had this experience of eBay, and knowing how it works to make it a success, I truly believe my knowledge, expertise & wisdom for all things eBay is my most valuable asset I own to date.

A few years back I decided to test my belief out, so I created and copyrighted my first eBay information guide, called the “eBay Business Strategy”. This guide focused on how I started on eBay and how I grew my capital to build the eBay business I have today. The number of copies that I have sold still staggers me to this day.

As I become more established through the likes of social media, & the forum sites, my following became bigger. I became known and trusted for providing real solutions, along with quality and information training material to, overcome other peoples eBay problems, and aid in building their eBay businesses.

Due to this popularity, my following on Facebook grew, and so did sales for my eBay training guide. These led to other well known people in the information publishing world, who took notice of who I was. I started to receive invites to publicly speak at their flashy advertised seminars & training events, which I chose to turn down!

This was for several reasons, I was horrified at what I had discovered, and it was something which I did not want to be associated with.  I learned that many of the so called gurus’ and industry experts in the information publishing world were in fact FAKE!

You see many of them had never actually practised what they preached. Their only aim was to sell you the dream by flogging you some overpriced and useless information product / course at their seminars that would have you going round in circles with information overload. Poor information at that! They would dazzle the lifestyle that they had and falsely claim it was a result of the product or training course they where trying to sell. They tried to make people believe that they too could live their lavish lifestyle. The fact of the matter was that the only money they were making was by selling you a fake promise.

What’s funny, is that once the bubble had burst on one money making system they would then quickly set themselves up as a guru on the next latest money making craze. So you can see why I want nothing to do with these kind of individuals. If this was the way the information marketing industry worked, then I wanted no part in it.

Another reason is I am incredibly busy myself, and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. I run 6 eBay accounts full time, I have staff to look after, and my time is taken up actually running my eBay business, which is my life and which I  enjoy.  I am constantly meeting with new suppliers, researching new eBay products, and travelling the world visiting trade fairs and markets. I do manage to squeeze in some important time with family and friends.  So I didn’t really want the hassle of going about setting up events in the way the so called industry experts where telling me to do.

However, over the past year or so I got to know many people who had been burnt by the FAKE gurus turning to eBay  but struggling to make it work for them. Amazingly instead of blaming these gurus they were blaming eBay. This annoyed me as it wasn’t eBay which was at fault.

So having taken some time to think about it, and in the style and manner of how I usually do things, I thought it time to open Pandora’s box, but only to a limited number of people and hold a training day event that is going to be like no other.  You see the one biggest lesson I have learnt in life is to never chase money. For me, becoming the very best at what I do, and gaining a reputation for being the best in my industry, meant more to me than making the money. The money, funnily enough has always came as a bi-product of being the best! This thinking and methodology is applied to every single one of my eBay listings. I put the income and life style I have today down to this approach.

This training day is ONLY for people who are serious, and who truly want to replicate the success I have had on eBay. Make no mistake, it’s not going to be an easy ride for those that do. It’s going to require a lot of hard work, and it will be a steep learning curve, requiring a hell of a lot of determination on your part. You see, success comes with a price, and half of knowing what you want out of life is knowing what you have to give up to go get it!

There are too many people who talk the talk and say that they want to change their lives, live the highlife and run their own business. Very few people actually commit and do it. They just like to fantasize, but when they get faced with one little hurdle, or have some minor set back, they simply just quit and blame the business instead of themselves! If this sounds like you, then please just jog on as eBay isn’t the business for you!

In this training day I am opening Pandora’s Box, and I’m showing you everything that I do and how I do it, to generate over £1.8 million annually in eBay sales.

The time,  money and resources that I have committed to this training day to make it valuable to those who attend, so making it one of best training events that there will be for eBay, has baffled many of so called industry experts. They simply don’t understand why I would give away so much valuable information and resources!

Well unlike them I’m not in it for the money, or to give you half the picture only to then try and sell you the other half at a later date. I’m here to give you everything you need, and more, so that you truly can make it a success. The only way I know how to do that is to deliver it in person in a way that you will never forget. I want to give you support and commitment that I never had, after all you are making your own commitment to attending our training day! This really is an ego thing for me, I genuinely want to take 10x hard working people starting out in this industry over the journey of the next 12 months from our training day and get them earning a 6 figure income from eBay.  If I’m the eBay King then I truly want you to be an eBay Knight at my round table, and live the life style that I have. You too can stick two fingers up to the fake gurus and internet marketers out there on Facebook.

One of my commitments to your learning is that I’m having my own personal Import Agent “Mr China” who is based in Shanghai to fly over to the UK and teach you Importing. I have built my own successful eBay business importing using his services for around 4 years now. I have negotiated with him on behalf of the attendees of this training day event, FULL access to him and his company. A FREE sourcing & quoting services for 12 months is a fantastic offer not to be missed. Especially when he charges a membership fee for it! The value of this will become apparent when you meet him at the seminar!

I get to travel in style. This has included Emirates new Airbus A380 Business Class, as seen below. I attend China’s largest international Import & Export fairs twice a year. I travel abroad to the EU visiting factories and suppliers. I attend UK trade fairs shows, like Birmingham’s NEC Autumn and Spring Fairs. I love the feeling of being my own boss and being able to do what I want when I want, and not having to answer to anyone else other than eBay and my customers of course!

That’s me below making a factory visit with my Account Manager, Morin (from Mr China’s company) to a Chinese supplier on a new product I am having made. This really is a simple process when you have a base in China, which is what we are basically giving you as part of your infrastructure package for attending our training day. Morin speaks both Chinese and English and as is one hell of a tough negotiator. She works on your behalf to get you the best possible price with the factory, and clears up any misunderstanding to get the deal done for you.

With the infrastructure package that this training day offers, Mr China’s company will organise your visit to China, if you so wish. See some of the fairs for yourself, with out having to arrange it all yourself.

He can pick you up from the airport! He can arrange accommodation for you, right next to his office! He can arrange your travel to and from the fairs or factories! He can arrange for one of his account managers to accompany you to the fairs to translate and help guide you around!

I always have a right laugh when I’m out in China with Mr China…

Just for the comedy value, here is an out-take of him trying out one of the factory’s products that we visited! (Hamster on a wheel springs to mind! LOL)


You Bloody Show Off !

No I’m not showing you all of this to brag or show off. I just want you to know that this is REAL. Ebay can truly change your life around, and FAST if you know what you are doing and you hit upon the right products at the right price!

Ebay has allowed me to travel the world, I have stayed in some of the best 5 star hotels there are, and spent time relaxing in luxury resorts, such as the Maldives.  It’s given me the time freedom to allow me to enjoy my hobbies of scuba diving and snowboarding when ever I want, and it’s also allowed me to fund my passion for classic sports cars. Once established it not all work, work, work. 

There is absolutely no reason that I can think of as to why you can’t replicate my success and lifestyle, all you have to do is attend our training day course and be given all of the same tools, strategies and resources that I use daily. If you can absorb information, act upon that information by putting what you have learnt into practice then you will be able to replicate the success that I have achieved for yourself.

Without the BS, yes its not going to to be easy, you are going to fail at parts of eBay, you are going to face many hurdles along the way learning the ropes so to speak and yes it’s going to be frustrating at times.  But you have to venture out of your comfort zone. Do you not think that i had all of these issues as well when I first started out on eBay? The difference in me becoming successful at eBay was that I persevered and learned from my mistakes. I didn’t throw in the towel and give up at the slightest set back.  I had a burning desire to make eBay work for me and that is the difference to becoming successful and winning at anything in life.

Ebay is like an addiction. It can offer a lot of highs and lows. I can remember when I found my first hot selling eBay product like it was yesterday.  If  you have read my eBay Story, then you will know how my Mum found me counting out 30k in cash on my bedroom floor. She thought I had been selling drugs or something untoward, and it wasn’t until I showed her my eBay sales history from selling mini motos that she started to believe me!

However, on the flip side of that, I have had many frustrations with eBay policies. I have been ripped of by Chinese suppliers, I have had stock lost & damaged, and eBay stock has failed to sell. It is true you do learn from experience.

What I learnt from all the set backs was to keep going with the momentum. Not to give up and to learn from each mistake that I made. Keep moving forwards in finding new eBay products, test new strategies and watch what other successful eBay sellers were doing. You have just got to be adaptive and find ways of turning bad situations in to good ones. Search for solutions to overcome problems.

By attending our training day, you are going to gain all the knowledge to miss out the costly mistakes that I made, and learn the strategies that work from the ones that don’t (which if implemented will get you suspension with eBay). Basically you are going to get fast tracked into becoming a successful eBay business owner like me. Even better you get 12 months support free as part of this training day event. Two experts helping you to over come every eventuality. Not bad!

Bellow are some snap shots of just two of my PayPal accounts. This is REAL and LIVE with eBay sales coming in DAILY.

Below are some screen shots of mobile phone accessories that I use to sell on eBay, which I imported from the above wholesale market in China. This market is the largest in the world and offers many eBay traders like myself a haven for small item commodities. Using Mr China’s mixed container service you can easily import a couple of pallets of this stock and store at home or in a garage and use to help build up your capital and grow your eBay business quickly. I use this kind of stock often and call it “turn over stock”  as the profit margins are usual small but which helps me to keep eBay’s DSR ratings in check and Powerseller status maintained.

As part of the topics to Trade Fairs & Wholes Markets in China I am also going to talk to you about the fairs that you need to be attending here in the UK. There is a fair that is on twice a year in the UK and it is one of the best fairs to discover whats going to be the hottest selling products for the up and coming seasons i.e. summer and Christmas! It is also one of the best places to network and meet with new suppliers for local eBay stock inventory.

Anyone can just turn up to a fair, wander round then go home and have nothing to show for their time other than a few blisters on your feet. I will explain what you need to do before you go, what you need to to when you are there and how you need to present yourself to potential suppliers in order to get their best prices! If you look like an amateur and act like an amateur then they will treat you like one and you will come away with nothing!

Pictured below is me at this UK fair HUSTLING!

Now don’t get me wrong when you read in an early section to this web site; “why – import 2 eBay” and not “wholesalers 2 eBay”. Wholesalers still play a major part in any eBay business but its finding the right ones and using them effectively and efficiently to find products that you can import directly yourself from China, after that’s where they will be getting them from! As I have previously stated and from my own personal experience to survive long term and to scale your business thus to be competitive on eBay then you do need to be importing.

However with that said many factories in China use wholesalers as an out let. What you don’t want to be doing though is playing a UK wholesaler for a product that you can get from a Chinese wholesaler, as the UK wholesaler will only be adding their own mark up on the product. Always be looking to cut out steps in the chain  in order to get your goods as cheaply as possible.

 Lets Re-Cap On Why I Use Mr China…

  • HES ESTABLISHED – Registered in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and China. He’s been exporting from China since 2004, with a combined experience of over 25 years.
  • HE’S ON THE GROUND IN CHINA – His business is based on the ground in China, not in some cushty office in your local city, sitting there and passing on important jobs to a Chinese friend’s uncle to look after for you. He’s there, day in day out, on the factory floor acting as your eyes and ears in China.
  • HE CAN SAVE YOU TIME & HEADACHES – You don’t need to worry about negotiating, verifying factories, arranging shipping, quality control and a whole load more. Leave this all to him & his team of experts who are there to look after you.
  • FACTORY TO DOOR SERVICE – He will arrange the customs clearances, paperwork and getting the goods to your door at the cheapest possible cost. If you are importing LCL (less than container loads), his mixed container service is THE cheapest option available.
  • HIS EXPERIENCE – Importing from China can be full of complex issues. Like many things in life, there is no substitute for experience. By using his  services, you can become a successful importer without having to climb the China learning curve yourself!
  • HIS LOW FEE STRUCTURE – He works solely on commission, which on average is 5%. This means, if he’s able to negotiate a price 5% cheaper than you can, effectively you’re getting his services and insurance free of charge!
  • COMMUNICATION – You get one central point of contact with him. You can phone him or his team, email, Skype, or MSN  him or his account managers! All his Chinese staff speak English and of course Chinese. Although their English is not always perfect, they are able to communicate your needs and requirements to the factory. For any technical issues, there are several native English speakers in his company to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation!
  • FREE INSURANCE – When importing with him, all your goods are insured automatically, meaning you don’t need to arrange your own Marne cargo insurance policies. One more thing you don’t need to worry about!

Previous eBay Training That I Have Done

Yes that really is me in a shirt & suit pants (not the norm!), training 10x students on eBay for the well known and respected internet marketer, Brett Wash, at his seminars in London. Brett’s one of the good guys of Internet Marketing Systems (but not eBay) and is a genuine guru in his field. Two of the students that I taught on one seminar, with my help & guidance, went on to build full time profitable eBay businesses.

Over the last 3 years I’ve helped over 2000 + clients grow their eBay businesses through my eBay information CD product, support networks and workshops. And now, I’m offering YOU a very special and very different opportunity for you to work closely with me and my agent over the course of the next 12 months to build your very own successful eBay business.

What you’re about to see is ENTIRELY different from any other seminar or workshop in the market (or that I have personally ever done before). It’s WAY more than just another seminar. It’s only purpose is to sell you products or services and offer you basic teachings about a business. I’m sure many of the “seminar junkies” (that I like to call them), who get caught up on the hype know these types of seminars all to well, the ones with the intentions to keep you hooked in by offering tit bits of information but which never actually give you the full picture as they want to try and hit you again at a later date to suck more of your hard earned money from you.

This seminar is opening Pandora’s box to my WHOLE eBay operation and sharing with you EVERYTHING that I do to make a 6 figure annual salary from eBay. Not only that but I’m GIVING you everything and putting in place for you the same infrastructure and a support system in place to ensure that you have the best possible change of making eBay work for you.

With the 12 month support system Mr China and I are going to holding your hand, each and every step of the way to make sure you overcome all the obstacles and frustrations that you will face when trying to start or grow your eBay, having learnt from our training day all that is need to know about eBay & importing in this highly guarded and secretive industry.

If you decide this is right for you, we’ll ask you to do one thing for us…Once you’ve read this website, I want you to leave a comment at the bottom of this page in the Facebook feed as to why YOU feel that you are the right person to be given one of the highly sought after places in this training day event…… A program that, if followed, and implemented I KNOW has the potential to make you a six figure income from eBay over the course of  the next 12 months, just as it has for many of our private clients.

After fine tuning what I have learned over the past 7 years, I have had some amazing results. You know what one of the BEST parts of being involved in eBay is for me? Being able to now help other people leave the rat race behind, set up shop, and start earning their own independent incomes from the world’s biggest retail shop window, eBay! Here’s what a couple of people I have helped had to say…


“Lewis has been a guest speaker at my events on a number of occasions. His content is always incredible value and always over delivers. when it comes to eBay, there is no one better.”
- Brett Wash &
“From purchasing Lewis’ CD-Rom his knowledge & methods have made the way I run my eBay business now more effective & streamlined.”
- Lee Cowan
“I had been selling on eBay before, however Lewis’s eBay CD course got me back into eBay full time after implementing his strategies & techniques. I now help people to do the same.”
- Wayne Bottomley
“Having met Lewis at a training event, he has helped me start and building my own eBay business which has now become full time for me”
- Wayne Rover Lewis
“I found Lewis just over 2 years ago now, and in that time he has given me valuable advice, support & guidance when needed, I have since gone from part time to full time with my eBay business”
- Mark Fulleylove
“I was selling Internet Marketing products which wasn’t for me, having met Lewis at a training event last summer, I purchased his eBay CD course & have never looked back. I now have a great wholesale eBay business”
- Steve Males
Learn How I Became The eBay King

By clicking on the image above and entering your name and email address in to the box you will also;

  • Receive information about stock that I wholesale to my members for resale on eBay.
  • You will receive the latest updates for eBay training strategies, systems, & techniques.
  • Be the first to trial new eBay information products that I will be launching later in the year.
  • Receive information on private eBay training days that I conduct & speaking events I attend.
I hope that you enjoy reading my story and hope that it helps to inspire you. If you have any questions regarding my story then please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.  
My Social Network

I help, guide and teach many of my eBay CD-Rom students via the social media platform, Facebook. 

Social media, whether we like it or not has become a massive part of our lives and should we choose to embrace then it offers a unique stage, on which to share ideas and experiences with. With a following of over 3,000 people, I am able to inspire and help those who are seeking advice on all things eBay related. I also get to share a few personal aspects of my life with like minded friends.

I like to use Facebook as a public notice board to advertise and resale new wholesale stock that I import from China, keeping all my followers up to date with general eBay news and announcements along the way.

If you haven’t already found me on Facebook then you can do so by clicking on the icon below.

I Look Forward In Meeting You Soon

I hope from this website you have been able to gain a small insight into me and for my eBay business. For those looking to join me in running a successful eBay business then I sincerely look forward in meeting you at our Import 2 eBay training event.

All the best,



Lewis Wade AKA The eBay King 😉

Why We Charge For Training Days / Mentorship As Nothing In Life Comes For FREE !

When I came to China in 2004 I couldn’t even find the post office to send a postcard.  Let alone export from half a million factories across China. Like most westerners, I started doing business here in a rather naive manner, thinking ‘I’m the buyer, if these factories want my business they can deal with me on my terms! I’ll be fair, firm and direct with them, and that’s how they need to deal with me to!’

Well, I learned fast. I had to learn a new set of rules, doing business in China. I’ve spent thousands of hours learning Chinese, getting shafted, and overcoming a whole range of problems in order to be able to offer the services that I can now offer you.

First of all when you buy goods from a Chinese manufacturer, it’s not like going down to the supermarket and picking something up off the shelf. EVERY order is unique. There are many variables that need to be addressed for each and every order. Material prices and exchange rates change on a daily basis and final prices are subject to your order quantities.

Then, in order to work out a landed cost, which is what you really need to know if importing is a viable proposition for you, you need to know the weight, volume and duty rates on a product. All this, as well as negotiating the best price can take hours, and all this is BEFORE an order can be placed. All of this work takes time, and if you want to get it right, all of this ground work has to be done for each and every order. There are no short cuts I’m afraid.

My companies’ service fees are low, making them affordable. To be straight, by charging an annual membership fee means that I only have to work for people & businesses who are serious about importing. We therefore don’t have to spend hours working for every tyre kicker that comes along wanting prices on ‘this’ or ‘that’.

However by attending our eBay & Importing training day you will be given a FREE 12 month membership access to me & my services.

So there you have it, there’s an honest explanation of why we charge for memberships and training day courses, and if you still don’t like it I’ve only got one thing to say to you…


You should know by now that I’m not the kind of person to sugar coat things, so I’m just going tell it how it is,… nothing in life “business” related comes for FREE. If you think it should then you are deluding yourself, revenues have to be generated as costs have to be covered to provide services.

I have personally invested a lot of my time, money and energy in setting up this training event to provide you with a fast track programme into the business world of eBay.  Giving you access to the same infrastructure that I use today and teaching you my blueprint eBay business model that has generated me over £1.8 million in eBay sales in a single year.

There are obvious business costs which have to be covered for this event, from the hire of room, facilities & accompaniments, flying Mr China over from Shanghai to teach you importing. The cost of both our time in producing the training material for the event and our blue print succession plan for you to follow after the event. The resource cost implication in providing you with the free membership access to Mr China’s import sourcing services for 12 months. The time cost of personal mentoring and giving you support for 12 months to help grow your eBay businesses after the event.

Not to mention us being able to put a cost in terms of the VALUE and benefit that you are getting in my exposing my entire eBay operation and sharing with you all my biggest assets to date, my knowledge, experience, wisdom and expertise for eBay which has come from 7 years of actual eBay business practices.  If you want to be the best then you need to learn from the best.

The other aspect as to why we charge for training days and memberships stems from simple psychology. You see it has been long established that if you are give valuable and life changing information for free, it is often disregard and not acted upon due to the fact that it is not perceived to hold any true value as it costs you nothing! It has also been proved that if the same information is paid for, thus making a financial commitment, the recipient will endeavour and act upon the information and follow it through for fear of failure and loss, financial in this case.  Fucked up I know but it’s true, so by charging you a fee, you are in fact making a conscious commitment to follow through on what we are going to teaching you.

So if you want to sack your boss and stop fantasying about get rich quick rubbish, why not build a real, legitimate and profitable business by learning from two real & legitimate people who actually do this job i.e. eBaying & importing full time for a living? What are you waiting for?… TAKE ACTION, and go get your ass registered quickly as we only have limited seats/places available!


Bonuses For Attendance !…

Import2eBay – Previous Training Courses & Testimonials

Here are some photos of our “Import2Ebay” training days…

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Mr China explaining about the importance of the Import Cycle in your business

Mr China talking about Landed Quotes, OEM branding, product design and manufacturing in China


 – Video Testimonials

Import2eBay – Student Videos

Get Your Ass Registered !.


You are choosing to book your 1 day advance / intensive training day course which is part of  your 12 month after care support program on eBay & importing. Our next training day / 12 month program will  start on ***** the of ***** 2015.  Please click on the BOOK NOW link below to make payment for your 12 month training program:




A £250 non-refundable PayPal deposit WILL reserve your SEAT out of the 10 places available, the balance of £747 will be payable before the **/**/2017.  A balance invoice will be provided to you after you have made your initial deposit payment.

PAYPAL Deposit Payment – Sold out until further notice in 2015 training day:

  • 12 months FREE subscription to Mr China’s researching, sourcing & quoting services in China
  • 12 months FREE access to your own, dedicated account manager in China to deal with all your personal import enquiries & requests
  • 12 months FREE user log-in subscription to Mr China’s HOT product alerts
  • My personal mobile number along with Mr China’s for you to call upon should you ever need anything urgent answering.
  • 1Hr quarterly scheduled Skype/Webinar conference calls through the course of the 12 months for further training updates, & support if requested.
  • A review of your eBay Id with a 12 month succession plan of action for you to take, instructed via Skype or eMail.
  • Access to a private closed Facebook group / community for like minded eBay sellers.


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